Inch Size Bearing (UC Series)

  • Material:Chrome Steel (Gcr15)
  • Weight:1.3kg
  • Hardness:58-62
  • Grips:with
  • Seal:Rubber Seal in Black
  • Precision:P0, P6, P5, P4, P2

Base Info

  • Model NO.:UC Series
  • Bore Size:30mm
  • Outer Side:38.1mm
  • Thickness:167mm
  • Transport Package:PP Bag+Box+Pallet, PP Bag+Box+Pallet If Need
  • Specification:According to customer′s requirement
  • Trademark:XTSKY
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:8482101000
  • Production Capacity:2x20gp Per Month


Basic Info.

Model NO. UC Series Bore Size 30mm Outer Side 38.1mm Thickness 167mm Transport Package PP Bag+Box+Pallet, PP Bag+Box+Pallet If Need Specification According to customer′s requirement Trademark XTSKY Origin China HS Code 8482101000 Production Capacity 2x20gp Per Month

Product Description

We produce and export pillow block bearing both Metric and Inch size to many coutries and get good feedback from customer about the following size and series:

UCP201 UCP202 UCP203 UCP204 UCP205

UCP205-16 UCP206 UCP206-18 Ucp207 Ucp207-20

Ucp208 Ucp208-24 UCP209 UCP209-28 UCP210

UCP210-30 UCP211 UCP211-32 UCP212 UCP212 INCH


UCP215-48 Ucp216 Ucp217 Ucp218 Ucp219 Ucp220


NA201 NA201S NA201-8S NA202S NA202-10S NA203S NA203-11S NA201 NA201-8 NA202 NA202-10 NA203 NA203-11 NA204-12 NA204 NA205-14 NA205-15 NA205-16 NA206-18 NA206-19 NA206-20 NA207-21 NA207-22 NA207 NZ207-23 NA208-24 NA208-25 NA208 NA209-26 NA209-27 NA209-28 NA209 NA210-30 
NA210-31 NA210 NA211-32 NA211-34 NA211 NA211-35 NA212-36 NA212 NA212-38 NA212-39 NA213-40 NA213 NA214-44 NA214 NA215 NA215-48 NA216 NA217 NA217-52 NA218-56 NA218 NA220

NA305-14 NA305-15 NA305 NA305-16 NA306-18 306-19 NA307-20 NA307-21 NA307-22 NA307 NA307-23 NA308-24 NA308-25 NA308 NA309-26 NA309-27 NA309-28 NA309 NA310-30 NA310-31 NA310 NA311-32 

NA311-34 NA311 NA311-35 NA312-36 NA321 NA312-38 NA312-39 NA313-40 NA313 NA314-44 NA315 NA315-48 NA316 NA317-52 NA317 NA318-56 NA318 NA318-56 NA318 NA319 NA309-60 NA30 NA320-64

UC Series with screw:

UC201 UC201-8 UC202 UC202-10 UC203 UC203-11 UC204-12 UC204 UC205-14 UC205-15 UC205 UC205-16 UC206-18 UC206 UC206-19 UC206-20 UC207-20 UC207-21 UC207-22 UC207 UC207-23 UC208-24 UC208-25 UC208 UC209-26 UC209-27 UC209-28 UC209 UC210-30 UC210-31 UC210 UC210-32 UC211-32 UC211-34 
UC211 UC211-35 UC212-36 UC212 UC212-38 UC212-39 UC213-40 UC213 UC214-44 UC214 UC215-47 UC215 UC215-48 UC216 UC217-52 UC217 UC218-56 UC218 UC220 UC220-64

UC305-14 UC305-15 UC305-16 UC306-18 UC306 UC306-19 UC307-20 UC307-21 UC307-22 UC307 UC308-24 UC308-25 UC308 UC309-26 UC309-27 UC309-28 UC309 UC310-30 UC310-31 UC310 UC311-32 UC311-34 
UC311 UC311-35 UC312-36 UC312 UC312-38 UC312-39 UC33-40 UC313 UC314-44 UC314 C315 UC35-48 UC316 UC317-52 UC317 UC318-56 UC318 UC319 UC319-60 UC320 UC320-64 UC322 UC324 UC326 UC328

UK series with Taper hole;
UK205 UK206 UK207 UK208 UK209 UK210 UK211 UK212 UK213 UK214 UK2154 UK216 UK217 UK218